Privacy policy

The owner of  is Idea Profit Sp. z o.o. who respects the privacy rights of every Internet user and protects their personal details.

Privacy policy regulates:

  1. types and purpose of gathered information,
  2. process of using the information,
  3. offering possibilities, including the method of accessing and updating the information.

1. Data collection.

  1. Data collected automatically.
    Data such as: IP address, domain name, type of internet browser or operating system, etc. are collected automatically during a visit on the website.
  2. Data collected during direct contact.
    When contact is established via the website, telephone, e-mail, personal data, etc. are passed (e.g. name, surname, e-mail address, etc.).

2. Data use.

The owner of the website shall not give or sell the data collected to a third party. Data collected automatically may be used for analyzing the behaviour of users on the website, collecting demographic data or personalising the content of our websites. Such data are collected automatically on every user. Data collected during correspondence between users and our service will be used exclusively for the purpose of answering inquiries. If users contact us, we may keep such correspondence in order to provide quick solutions to any problems that might arise. E-mail addresses of our users may be used in order to inform them about our services, including upcoming changes and improvements.
Data collected by us may be available to third parties due to:

  1. ensuring conformity with the existing law, regulations, legal procedure or legally valid request from a governmental institution;
  2. the protection of rights, ownership and security of IDEA PROFIT company and of the users of its products as well as of other people in a way that is required by or in conformity with the existing law.

In case of any contravention of the Regulations of our website, law violation, or when it is required by the law, the owner of the website may disclose data collected on users to judicial authorities.
Before using data for purposes other than those mentioned in the hereby Privacy Policy, users will be asked for their permission.

3) Data security.

We do everything in our power to protect IDEA PROFIT company and users of the website from illegal access, non-authorized modification or disclosure of data collected by IDEA PROFIT.

4) Contact with users.

Contact with users will be maintained only after sending an inquiry to us. Our employees will use the available form of contact in order to answer such an inquiry.

5) Change of personal details.

The web portal does not collect data required for the logging process; therefore, there is no need to change them.

6) Using Cookies.

Data collected automatically cannot be changed or deleted.
The content of cookies does not permit to identify users. Cookies do not process or store personal details.
Cookies are used by the owner of the website to create statistics, avoid reappearance of adverts on the same computers.

7) Data security.

When data are collected, communication between users’ computers and our server is encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Additionally, our databases are secured against non-authorized access.

8) Changes in Privacy policy.

Any changes in Privacy policy will be posted on the website.

9) Name and address of the company.

Idea Profit Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szajnochy 2, 85-738 Bydgoszcz

For any inquiries, please contact us at

Privacy policy